That’s life

To begin with writing a blog is difficult at the first step as there are lots of topics you want to write about.
The first thing I would like to mention about my blog is that my writings are intended for my own capture of lifetime pass and I don’t specifically care about if they are read or not by any readers.
One of my favorite topics is about a meaningful quote which I have learnt from one my teachers about 9years ago.
Perhaps one of most important sentences that has formed my way of thinking about life.
It was the time I was deeply depressed and did not have any goal for life.The fact that ,what the life is for and why the life is always full of problems and things that want to stop you or take you down,was a question.

That was the time me and a friend of mine met one of our teachers at college who reformed our way of thinking about life.He said to us that is true that life seems to be without any goal or aim at moments,and also it is true that sometimes life tries to bring you down for different reason but also there are moments in life that are valued as a whole joyful life.

One time watching a sunset or sunrise,one time smelling a flower ,one time walking in the beach ,one kind look of your mother,one time listening a music you like, and  lots of more things that  gives you a feeling of liking the life and feeling beauty of life ,and we have lots of these moments that are repeated and we pass by the joy without really touching it.

This talk of my teacher gave me the view of the way of looking life,the way of coming along with problems in life and whenever the life brings me down, the life receives a grin and one sentence “That’s life”.

In life devote yourself to joy and love
Behold the beauty of the peaceful dove
Those who live, in the end must all perish
Live as if you are already in heavens above.

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