Academic Work and Projects

Projects at PhD

  • Design and Implementation of On-chip aging sensor in SRAMs

  • Graduate Projects

    • Digital Asic Design,OFDM Symbol Detection Using the Cyclic Prefix

    • 2D Physics Engine

    • Analog Modeling Synthesizer implemented in Altera FPGA

    • VLSI Architecture, Implementing 2*2 Torus Network On Chip in DE1 Altera FPGA board

    • A Midi Synthesizer Using Texas Instrument DSP

    • Design Of a Graphical Hardware Cursor Implementation In Virtex II FPGA

    • An Implementation of a TimeMultiplexed and Notorious FIR-filter

    • Design of High frequency Low Noise Amplifier

    • Floating point to Fixed point Converter in Matlab

    • Multipication Of Very Big Numbers Using Karatsuba Method Implemented In C


    Undergraduate Projects

    • Microcontroller based Weather Station
    • Design of Low Offset High Gain CMOS Amplifier
    • Design of PID controller in Simulink

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