Peyman Pouyan


[2011-2015]         Ph.D in Electronics Engineering (Cum Laude)
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain

[2007-2010]            M.Sc. in System On Chip
Lund Institute of Technology (LTH), Lund University, Lund, Sweden

[2002-2006]            B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, Electronics
University of Qazvin, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Qazvin, Iran
GPA: 16.68 out of 20

[1999-2002]              Diploma in Mathematics and Physics
Qazvin, Iran,GPA: 19.13 out of 20

Technical Research Interests

  • Reliability and Test in Memories
  • Process Variability and Aging Aware Design
  • Resistive Switching Memories
  • Reconfiguration Techniques in Memories
  • Digital ASIC Design

Ph.D Thesis

Title: Reliability Aware Memory Design Using Advanced Reconfiguration Mechanisms
Supervisors: Professor Antonio Rubio Solá, Dr Esteve Amat

M.Sc. Thesis

Title: VLSI Implementation Of Unary Functions,Logarithm
and Exponent,Using Parabolic Synthesis Methodology
Compared to the CORDIC Algorithm
Supervisors: Professor Peter Nilsson,Erik Hertz

B.Sc. Thesis

Title: USB Based Analog to Digital Converter
Supervisor: Dr Ali Motie Nasrabadi



E.Vatajelu, P.Pouyan, S.Hamdioui; ”State of the art and challenges for test and reliability of emerging nonvolatile resistive memories”, International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications, 2018.

P.Pouyan, E.Amat, S. Hamdioui, A.Rubio; ”Resistive Random Access Memories Variability and its Mitigation Schemes”, Journal of low power electronics, 2017.

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P.Pouyan, E.Amat, A.Rubio; ”Adaptive Proactive Reconfiguration: A Technique for Process-Variability- and Aging-Aware SRAM Cache Design”, IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems, 2014


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P.Pouyan, E.Amat,F Moll, A.Rubio; ”Design and Implementation of an Adaptive Proactive Reconfiguration technique in SRAM Caches ”, DATE, Grenoble, France, 2013

P.Pouyan, E.Amat, A.Rubio; ”SRAM Lifetime Improvement Using Adaptive Proactive Reconfiguration”, Mixdes, Warsaw, Poland, 2012

Peyman Pouyan, Esteve Amat, and Antonio Rubio ,”Process-Variability Aware Proactive Reconfiguration Technique for Mitigating Aging Effects in Nano Scale SRAM Lifetime”, VTS, Hawaii, USA, 2012

Peyman Pouyan, Erik Hertz, and Peter Nilsson ,”A VLSI Implementation of Logarithmic and Exponential Functions Using a Novel Parabolic Synthesis Methodology”, ECCTD, Linköping, Sweden, 2011

Peyman Pouyan,”Study of Low Power Design Methodologies and Low Power Consumption techniques in FPGAS”, accepted to 14th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering, Tehran, 2006.


P.Pouyan, E.Amat, A.Rubio; ”Statistical Lifetime Analysis of Memristive Crossbar”, Unreliability Workshop WP7 DATE, Grenoble, France, 2015

P.Pouyan, E.Amat,F Moll, A.Rubio; ”Reconfiguration Proactive Techniques for Process and Aging Variation Aware Cache Design”, VARI, Karlsruhe, Germany 2013

P.Pouyan, E.Amat, A.Rubio; ”Proactive Reconfiguration,a methodology for extending SRAM lifetime”, VAMM Workshop, DATE Poster session, Dreseden, 2012

Relevant Courses

  • Microelectronics                            Microprocessor                    Signals  and Systems
  • Embedded system Design           Computer Architecture      Computer Arithmetic
  • Analog IC Design                           Digital IC Design                  DSP Design
  • Analog to Digital Converter         Radio Electronics                 Radio Systems
  • Advanced Digital IC Design         Advanced Analog Design    Advanced Embedded

Major Accomplished Projects

    • IC-project and Verification,Digital Asic Design

OFDM Symbol Detection Using the Cyclic Prefix

    • VLSI Architecture

Implementing 2*2 Torus Network On Chip in DE1 Altera FPGA board

    • Algorithms in Signal Processors

A Midi Synthesizer Using Texas Instrument DSP

    • Advanced Embedded Design

2D Physics Engine

    • Altera Innovate Nordic Design Contest

Analog Modeling Synthesizer

    • Radio Electronic Project

Design of High frequency Low Noise Amplifier

Software and Programming Skills

  • EDA Tools: Xilinx ISE-Quartus-Modelsim-SoC Encounter-Design Vision- Aldec Active HDL
  • Programming Languages: VHDL-Verilog-C-Matlab-SystemC-Python-Tcl
  • IC and Circuit Design and Simulation: Cadance-ADS-Pspice
  • Programming Tools: Matlab-Eclips-Emacs-Codeblocks
  • Microcontroller : MPLAB-Proteus-Picbasic-Bascom-Keil
  • Operating Systems: Linux-Solaris-Windows
  • Other: Html-CSS-Latex-Php

Work Experiences

Post Doctoral Fellow, CE Lab, TU Delft, 2016-present

Research Assistant, HIPICS Lab, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2011-216

Part Time Embedded Design Engineer Engineer, Tolypers Company 2005-2007

Academic Teaching Experiences

Electrical Engineering Department Teaching Assistant 2004-2007

Courses: Microelectronics I, Microelectronics II

Part Time English Teacher 2005-2007 Marefat English Institute


  • Best paper award, VARI 2016
  • Outstanding paper award, Mixdes 2012
  • FP7 scholarship in TRAMS project,EU contribution
  • Altera Innovate Nordic Design Contest Second Prize 2008
  • Dean’s list Fall 2006
  • Diploma Top student

Language Proficiency

English                          Fluent (Written and Spoken)

TOEFL                                       IBT 94

GRE General Test                   Overall 1120,720                                                                                                                                  Quantitative,400 Verbal

Spanish                         Fluent

Swedish                        Familiar

Persian                         Native

Azari                             Fluent speaking


Backpack Traveling, Listening Music, Reading Books

Playing Chess, Hiking and Bike riding, Swimming


Antonio Rubio


Department of Electronics Engineering

UPC University


Francesc Moll

Associate Professor,

Department of Electronics Engineering

UPC University


Peter Nilsson


Department of Electrical and Information Technology

Lund University


Ali Motie Nasrabadi

Assistant Professor,

Electrical and Biomedical Engineering Department

University of Shahed


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